needlepoint finishing

 Finishing Service

Kittens Needle Arts offers a fantastic finishing service that includes ornaments and Christmas stockings, pillows and door hangers, purses and belts, kepahs and tallis bags, as well as a wide variety of interesting 3-dimensional items. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality and professional finishing for all of your stitched pieces. You may provide your own fabric and trims, or you can let our finishers choose from their fabulous inventory of materials to create a finished piece that is unique to your stitched canvas!

Finishing Deadlines

Please allow 8-10 weeks for finishing.  Holiday deadlines are as follows – any item brought in after these deadlines will to be verified by delivery and will be subject to a “rush charge.”

Valentine’s Day – Dec 1
Easter – Jan 15
4th of July – April 15
Halloween – Jul 15
Thanksgiving – Aug 15
Christmas Ornaments – Aug 15
Christmas Stockings – Sep 1
All other items needed in December or January – Sep 1

No finishing items will be delivered in January. Any items brought in for finishing between Sept 1 and Dec 31 will be available for pick up after Feb 15.



Belt Finishing

Needlepoint belts are becoming more popular as artists add more designs to reflect interests and hobbies (golf, gardening, dogs, cats, horses) as well as classic stripes, checks and patterns.  In addition to traditional belts, these canvases can also be used to make flip flops, hat bands, key fobs, purse straps and bands and more!

How do you size these canvases for belts?  Here’s how you determine length and width:

LENGTH – measure a current belt from the tip of the prong to the most used hole, then subract 4″.  That number is the number of inches you need to stitch.  Keep in mind that the finisher will also need to cover at least 1.5″ on each end for the leathering.

WIDTH – add at least 2 rows of tent stitches or the binding stitch along the top and bottom of the belt design – this is the turning edge.  If you don’t know how to do the binding stitch, ask us for a helpful chart or our finisher can do that step for you.

FINISHING TOUCHES – we will help you make the best leather color and buckle style choices when you bring your stitched piece to us for finishing.  You can choose classic belt finishing, or add a decorative slide buckle, grograin ribbon or leather ties.

Self-Finishing:  Boxes, Leather Items, Stitch ‘N Zips

If you are short on time, we have a selection of self-finishing items including wooden boxes from Sudberry House and Amanda Lawford; leather items from Lee (ID tags, wallets, checkbook covers, jewelry boxes and purses); and custom acrylic boxes and trays. Turnaround times will vary.

And remember there are always Stitch N’ Zips – eyeglass cases, coin purses, cosmetic bags, scissors cases, e-book and I-Pad cases. You can stitch them and leave them unlined, or bring them in and we will have a lining added for you.

We ask for a deposit with all finishing items – in general, this is $25 for ornaments, $50 for larger pieces such as pillows, Christmas stockings, belts, and stand-ups, and a $100 deposit for purses. Balance is due when you pick up your item.