needlepoint books & resources

There are so many stitching resources available that it is sometimes hard to sort out the right ones for you. We have compiled a list of our favorites to get you started.  These stitch books are collection essentials that you will refer to often and are available in our store.  If we don’t have them in stock, we will be happy to place an order for you.



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The Needlepoint Book
by Jo Christensen

Stitches To Go
by Suzanne Howren & Beth Robertson

The Best Bargello Book
by June McKnight

Suzy’s Portable Stitches
by Suzy Murphy

Suzy’s Portable Stitches II
by Suzy Murphy


Other Book Recommendations

We sell all of these books as well.  Please contact us to place your order.


Shapes of Needlepoint I (Circles, Square, Rectangles, Triangles), by Sandra Arthur

Shapes of Needlepoint II (Hearts, Diamonds, Stars, Octagons), by Sandra Arthur

June McKnight Series

Amy’s Cookbook Series, by Amy Bunger

A-Z of Needlepoint

Stitches CDs & Books, by Ruth Schmuff and Janice McGuire

A Background Stitch Reference Book, Golden Gate Canvas Workers ANG




We also carry the bi-monthly needlepoint magazine Needlepoint Now.  Pick up an issue today!

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See our ad in the May/June 2012 issue (p. 53) for our “Small Bites” exclusive canvas with Raymond Crawford!

Needlepoint Now

Small Bites Appetizer Canvas


Favorite Blogs

Check out some of our favorite needlepoint bloggers to keep up on the latest reviews of needlepoint products, threads, and designers as well as tips, techniques, ideas for pattern stitches and some fabulous stitch guides!

Ruth Schmuff
Jane Wood
Janet Perry
Anne Stradel (ABS Designs)
Vicky De Angelis
Robin King and Peggy McGowan
Kelly Clark Needlepoint
Barbara Elmore (Sundance Designs)
Cassandra Prescott (Sundance Designs)


Favorite Websites

World of Needlepoint
This is your one-stop resource for everything you ever wanted to know about needlepoint:  its history, a world of fascinating fibers, and all the latest techniques brought to you by today’s most popular artists.

ANG:  American Needlepoint Guild – Stitch of the Month

All About Needlepoint – Stitches for Needlepoint