needlepoint accessories & tools

3 Kittens Needle Arts offers a range of needlepoint accessories and tools to enhance your stitching experience. Whether it is the perfect size tote bag to store your projects, stretcher bars, stitching frames, lights, magnifiers or the right tool to get the job done, we have a lot to choose from.  We can add any of these items to your order – just let us know!


Basic Supplies & Tools

You will want to assemble the right tools to include in your stitching kit – here is a list of essentials we have for you:

Embroidery Scissors
Bohin Tapestry and Chenille Needles
Beading Needles
Floss Away Thread Bags w/Ring – 100 bags
Laying Tools – BLT (Best Laying Tool), Wooden Laying Tool, Rainbow Laying Tool, Ribbon Laying Tool
Magnetic Tool Cases
Needle Magnets – MagFriends, ETC Needle Buddies, Little Square Magnets
Needle Threaders – Susan Bates, LoRan
Supplies & Tools – Bunka Brush, Laying Tool Parking Spot, Star De-Tailor, Surgical Seam Ripper, Thread Heaven, Tweezers



Stretcher Bars & Tacks

Mounting your canvas on stretcher bars gives you many advantages – better stitching technique, more comfort and speed, cleaner and neater stitching, minimizes canvas distortion.  No tools required – just connect them at the corner to form a frame and use tacks to secure your canvas to the frame.  Evertite bars have a unique feature that allows you to tighten your canvas without removing it from the frame.  Click on the link below to find out more.

FA Edmunds Stretcher Bars – Minis & Standards, all sizes 5″ – 24″
Evertite Stretcher Bars – all sizes & T-tool
Tacks – Brass and Prima Stainless Steel (recommended for Evertites and large projects)



Stitching Frames and Stands

There are many options to consider when choosing the best frame system for you. We can help you find the right fit based on how and where you like to stitch – home, classes, travel.  Here are our favorites – click to explore their websites and information about all their products.  Any item can be ordered if it is not currently in stock.

Needlework System 4 – Floor Stand (travel model also available), Table Stand, Frame Clamp
K’s Creations– Lap Frames in Baby, Standard and Large Bases, Scroll Frames in sizes 9″, 13″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 30″ and 34″


Lights & Magnifiers

You will find many options for lights and magnifiers, each with its own features and benefits. Here is a list of products we have found meet most needs, depending on your stitching system:

For Stretcher Bars:
• Daylight Flexilens Mini-Clip 7” – Magnifier to clip onto your stretcher bars
• Daylight Flexilens Long Neck Mini-Clip 18” – Extra-long Magnifier to clip onto your stretcher bars
• Craftlite Mini-Clip – Magnifier and Light to clip onto your stretcher bars; batteries included

• Daylight Floor Lamp – Magnifier and Light floor stand,

Table, Other:
• Stella Table or Floor Lamp
• Daylight Twist Portable Lamp – table top flip light w/power cord

• Daylight Clip-On Spectacle Magnifiers – 4 power lenses are included and attach to a clip-on eyeglasses extension


Project Bags

• 3K Logo Totes & Cases – durable, clear plastic
Ashland Sky Bags – lightweight and durable; choose from a variety of colors and sizes
• Mesh Project Bags – sturdy and economical, clear with a top zipper, no handle
• Fabric Project Bags – Atenti, Hug Me Bags, Offhand Designs